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OrientalSouls.com was opened to introduce amazing products of Japan to the world. Japan has more than 2000 years of history which has promoted development of traditional craftsmanship. Until today, there are many craftsmen who inherited such traditional skills.
As industrialization proceeds, many craftsmen have lost their jobs. Machines have developed to manufacture high quality products for lower costs, which made their skills no longer necessary. Furthermore, the advancement of information technology has caused rigorous price competition, then they became unable to make their living.
Their craftsmanship is, however, able to make products which greatly surpass quality and performance of mass-manufactured products. For example, skills of blacksmiths identify temperature of melt steels more precisely than machines does, which enables forged blades higher quality than machine-made ones.

Lived in Kyoto for years, I had experienced magnificent tradition of Japan and outstanding craftsmanship.
In addition, I became aware through my business that such craftsmanship is beginning to be lost due to recent economic environment. Even famous factories with long history struggle to survive.

In this site, we introduce products and craftsmanship which have authentic value and tradition of Japan. Our mission is to offer Japanese craftsmanship, tradition and culture so that our customers become interested in them and inclined to take one of such products.
In Japan, there are variety of original crafts and products which you cannot find in anywhere else. We couldn’t be happier if you become interested in and understand their craftsmanship and obsession about making the best products.

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