Deba Knife Norimasa 180mm/7.1in


The Deba knife has thick and heavy blade so that it won’t be bent when applying big power to cut.

This knife is mainly used to cut and fillet whole fish in Japan. The heft of the Deba knife allows you to cut through the heads and bones of a fish, and its smaller pointed tip fillets the flesh from the bones. This knife can also be used for meat as well. It is not recommended to cut big bones.
This knife is made by Norimasa Sakai.

This product is a longer version of Deba S-150. (product link HERE)
You can easily fillet even a large fish like King Salmon thanks to heavy and large blade of this Deba knife.

If you…

  • would like to cut and fillet whole fish
  • want to cut and dish sashimi

Then, this knife is the best for these purposes.

This product is the most popular size as a Deba knife.
You can use this from medium to large size of fishes.

If you would like to fillet whole fish, cut through heads and bones, the Deba knife is your choice. This knife is also good enough for sashimi, you can own only Deba for cooking fish anyway.

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