Japanese knives handmade by artisans require appropriate care and maintenance to keep cutting performance. Although they don’t lose cutting quality easily different from machine manufactured knives, you need some care as follows to keep them in the best shape.

Care and Store after Use

After you use your knife, wash it with detergent, followed by wiping off water by dry towel.
Store the knife upright. Please avoid wet and humid place.


* Don’t pour in boiled water or put over the fire to dry. In worst case, tempering of the steel will happen and lose cutting performance.
* Don’t use dishwasher and dryer.

When you don’t use your knife over a long period

We recommend to wrap your knife in newspaper and store it in dry place.
This is because knives may become rusty due to oxygen and water in the air, especially in case of steel knives.

store knives in a storing tool

To Avoid Rust

Especially for Steel Knives

Handle with care steel knives. The Japanese knives made of steel become rusty easily, although they cut well and easy to sharpen. On the other hand, you don’t need much care for the stainless steel knives.

To avoid generation of rust – Point 1

Water is the main reason to generate rust in your knife. It is important to wash and wipe off after you use your knife as soon as possible.

Leave your knife wet, then it easily become rusty where touching the water. In addition, it generates rust easier by leaving after cutting acid food such as tomatoes and lemons. Please wash and wipe off quickly after you cut these foods.

To avoid generation of rust – Point 2

New knives tend to be rust off easily because they are not oxide coated. As you use, wash and dry your knife repeatedly, it will gradually be covered by oxide film, which help your knife to avoid rust.

Especially when you begin to use new knife, please be more carefully care it than when you’re using old knife.

If your knife become rusty, you can remove it this way… See this page

rusted knife and clean knife

Sharpen Your Knife by Yourself !

Even a knife for hundreds of bucks become dull one day. Sharp edge is slightly reduced as you cut with the knife.

Different from other knives, however, Japanese knives skillfully handmade by artisans can recover its cutting ability almost up to its original state by sharpening.

using sharpening stone