KING Deluxe #800 – Waterstone


This waterstone, KING Deluxe #800, is a medium grit stone which makes rough edges smooth.
This stone is suitable as a starting point of sharpening. In case your knife has chip in the blade, we recommend to start from rough grit waterstones. In case you sharpen knives frequently, starting from medium grit waterstones may be enough.

Suitable for both steel and stainless steel (and some other materials).
This is a standard size for personal use. (see “Description” section below for detailed size)

KING Waterstones are well balanced, sharpen well, and reasonable prices.

Existing waterstones had faults until KING had released: edge of a blade was easily damaged and hardness of stones were uneven. KING had resolved these faults by years of research. KING Waterstones hardly damage cutting edges and sharpen efficiently just like higher quality natural stones.

For more information about KING Deluxe Waterstone Series, See INTRODUCTION PAGE

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