KING Waterstones are well balanced, sharpen well, and reasonable prices.

Existing waterstones had faults until KING had released: edge of a blade was easily damaged and hardness of stones were uneven. KING had resolved these faults by years of research. KING Waterstones hardly damage cutting edges and sharpen efficiently just like higher quality natural stones.

Best for You First Waterstone

Features of KING Deluxe Stone Series

KING Waterstones have obtained 4.7 rating (5.0 maximum) in average in the top online store for business in Japan.

Waterstones of KING Deluxe Stone Series have been developed for all purpose medium grit stones. They are made of special abrasive grains, whose quality is stable permanently.

KING Waterstones enable you to sharpen your knives in a short time. Their performances have obtained higher reliability among hardware industry including cutlery makers.

Products of KING Deluxe Stone Series

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How to Use Waterstones

Please see this page for “how to use waterstones”

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