Preparation and Cleaning of Waterstones

1. Soak waterstone in water for 3 minutes.

* Do not use boiled water. Waterstones are pottery and they may be cracked by boiled water. (Fig.1)

soaking a waterstone in water


2. Keep the waterstone wet while you’re sharpening.

Try to keep the waterstone wet by dropping water sometimes. Be careful not to wash mud-like liquid away; it’s important because it works as abrasive. (Fig.2)

See this page for detailed process of sharpening knife

using a waterstone for sharpening knife


3. After sharpening, wash the waterstone by water and dry.

* Detergent is not needed to wash waterstones.

* It takes up to 2 days for waterstones to dry up completely. (Fig.3)

* If waterstones seem to be dent, flatten them with flattening stones. (See this page about flattening stone)

washing and drying a waterstone


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