Gyuto Knife SAKAO OWL 210mm/8.27in


The Gyuto knife has relatively large blade mainly for cutting meat.

This is a Japanese chef’s knife with a Western style curved blade so that it can smoothly move back and forth to chop meat quickly. This knife, with 210mm/8.27in of blade length, can also use for cutting fish and vegetables. The Gyuto is the one of the most versatile knife best for all kinds of professional chefs.

This knife is made of Japanese steel, which is one of the best materials for kitchen knives with higher cutting quality.
This product is larger size of Gyuto. We also have larger size Gyuto whose blade size is 240mm/9.45inches.
Handle of this knife is fixed with three rivets, followed by finishing with welding so that the knife would be durable enough for both personal use and professional use.
This knife is hand made by artisans with higher skills, therefore valuable and unable to produce a lot.

If you…

  • would like to have a professional chef’s knife
  • want to improve taste of your dishes without practice
  • prefer larger knife than normal knives

Then, this knife is the best for these purposes.

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Because this knife is made of steel, it may get rust if you leave it too long in wet condition.
For more information about how to care steel knives, please see THIS PAGE.
In case steel knives become rust, it's still okay. You can remove rust with waterstones. Please see knife care page about how to.