Petit Knife SAKAI OWN Stainless Steel 120mm/4.7in


Small-size multi-purpose knife with the blade of 120mm (4.7 inches) length.

The Petit knife looks like small chef’s knife. Actually, it can maneuver both small and big jobs; it enables you to intricately carve and style vegetables and fruits for beautiful presentations and garnishes; it can also be used to preparing meals.

This knife is made of stainless steel, which is good materials for kitchen knives with higher cutting quality. Also, stainless steel is rust resistant material, so this knife is easier to care compared to steel knives.
This is hand made by artisans with higher skills, therefore valuable and unable to produce a lot.

If you…

  • want to mainly cut and dish vegetables or fruits
  • want to use a knife in dining table
  • want to take it with you outside for BBQ etc.

This knife is the best for these purposes.

Its small blade can be handled safely and easily in dining table or outside.
Although it is small (petty), the knife is handmade by artisans with traditional method same as other Japanese knives. Its cutting quality is just same as larger knives, so handle with care!

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