Buddha Statue, Nyoirin Kannon, 27.5cm/10.8in


Highest quality collections with realistic texture. All statues are reproducing national treasures of Japan’s Buddha statues.

Model of this statue is Nyoirin Kannon which is enshrined at Gantoku-ji Temple in Kyoto. The principal image of the temple is this statue which is designated a national treasure of Japan. The statue Nyoirin Kannon is made of one piece of wood, and it is assessed as one of the best sculpture of the era. The statue has a cool facial expression with long-slitted and narrow eyes. The fold of flowing cloth is also beautifully expressed. Lotus motif pedestal of the statue is supported by four subordinate gods.
To replicate this beautiful masterpiece, 180 days had spent to make its mold. Elaborate colorings ware made to express clear feeling of the wood texture. Delicate workmanship of the pedestal is made with 23 pieces of gold foils in its surface, followed by finishing up with real aging coloring which replicates dull glow of the original sculpture.

Character of Nyoirin Kannon
Nyoirin Kannon is one of the six Kannons who redeem people in this world. They are believed to give wealth to people by a jewel called “Nyoi Houju”. They are a buddha who defeat the worldly desires, release people from distress and give wisdom and happiness to the people.

27.5cm(H) x 15.5cm(W) x 15.5cm(D)
10.8 in(H) x 6.1 in(W) x 6.1 in(D)