Futaku Wind Chime – Normal Type

This wind chime is made of iron by “Hidukuri”, very traditional forging method of Japan.

Products of “Hidukuri” have unique looks because of their handcrafted method by artisans. You can feel tradition and profoundness compared to mass-produced industrial products.

In “Hidukuri” medhod, iron is heated upto 1200℃, almost the melting point of iron, followed by hit into mold to make its shape. By hitting, density of the iron become uneven, therefore artisans heat the product again to appropriate temperature, then leave it in ash for a couple of days to make its condition stable.

The “Futaku” wind chime has rather dull sounds of thick iron, which are believed to protect from evil. So, temples hang Futakus at every corners of roofs.

You can hang it on your roof, eave, ceiling etc. Or you can also enjoy it by putting anywhere as an object.

This product has several variation in its size (please refer to the size table), but is only a back order.
Please let us know the size and number to purchase this product from by pressing the button below.
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