Handmade Ballpoint Pen, Acrylic Jewel Series, Sea Blue


The concept of Acrylic Jewel Series pens is literally “Jewel-like ballpoint pens”. Acrylic material has excellent transparency and shock-resistance. Characteristic stream design of the pen body is made by playful spirits of craftsmen. Enjoy unique design in your daily lives.

About Acrylic Material

Acrylic resin is the most durable material among plastics. It is also excellent in transparency.
This material has 10-16 times shock resistance than glass.
Doesn’t get damaged by ultraviolet ray; it won’t deteriorate for more than 10-20 years.
It’s more transparent than glass; light transmittance of glass is 92%, whilst that of acrylic resin is 93%.
Adaptive temperature is -40℃ to +60℃ (-40 to 140F)

Item size: 13.1cm x 1.5cm / 5.2in x 0.6in
Line color and size: Black 0.7mm
Refill: Cross type
Made in Japan