Handmade Ballpoint Pen, Acrylic & Wood Series, Ebony


These ballpoint pens are made of precious wood grew up in Japan. Variety of trees grow up in the environment of Japan, where nearly 70% of the land is mountains and forests. Those precious woods are processed and made by hand to ballpoint pens.

Acrylic & Wood Series is made by combining acrylic material with precious wood, followed by rubbing down and polishing to make surface smooth. All processes are done by hand by craftsmen. Each item has its own theme given by designers. It’s also nice for a gift.

Theme of this item is “Ebony Green”.

Wood Material


Features of the material

Ebony, also called blackwood, is very precious material that is predicted to be depleted in near future. This valuable wood material is very heavy and hard, so it’s also very hard to process into products; that means it is very durable. This wood become burnished as you use, and it has beautiful texture with a high-quality feeling. Ebony is mainly produced in South East Asia or Africa. Because of its preciousness, it is mainly used for high grade furniture and music instruments.

About Acrylic Material

Acrylic resin is the most durable material among plastics. It is also excellent in transparency.
This material has 10-16 times shock resistance than glass.
Doesn’t get damaged by ultraviolet ray; it won’t deteriorate for more than 10-20 years.
It’s more transparent than glass; light transmittance of glass is 92%, whilst that of acrylic resin is 93%.
Adaptive temperature is -40℃ to +60℃ (-40 to 140F)

Item size: 13.5cm x 1.5cm / 5.3in x 0.6in
Line color and size: Black 0.7mm
Refill: Cross type
Made in Japan