Handmade Ballpoint Pen, Hida Tree Series, Tonoh Cypress


These ballpoint pens are made of precious wood grew up in Japan. Variety of trees grow up in the environment of Japan, where nearly 70% of the land is mountains and forests. Those precious woods are processed and made by hand to ballpoint pens.

These pens of Hida Tree Series are made by precious wood grew up in Hida region. Hida region is the northern portion of Gifu Prefecture. Hida contains the famous peaks of the North Alps, with mountains and forests filled with rich nature that is home to a variety of animals and plants.
To make this product, writing brush craftsman processes precious wood to make pen body, followed by attaching beautiful acrylic resin for accent color. You can feel nice smell of wood when you use it. This product is also good for a gift.


Tonoh Cypress

Features of the material

Among the finest cypress wood materials, Tonoh Cypress has grown up in Tonoh region in Gifu Prefecture where has the best climate and conditions for cypress. Because of it, this wood has light pink body and beautifully formed annual rings.
Generally, cypress is used for structural material and interior material because of its beauty and nice flavor.

Item size: 13.6cm x 1.5cm / 5.4in x 0.6in
Line color and size: Black 0.7mm
Refill: Cross type
Made in Japan