Handmade Ballpoint Pen, Mino Washi Series, Ichimatsu – Pink


Our ballpoint pens of Mino Washi Series are made of traditional Japanese paper “Mino Washi”. Washi Paper had been listed as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Mino Washi are processed by resin coating to make durable pen bodies.

About Mino Washi

Mino Washi is a traditional craft which has a history over 1400 years. It is created in Gifu Prefecture where first-class rivers and beautiful mountains are there. Clean water is essential to make high-quality Washi paper. These papers are made by hand with traditional method.
Different from ordinal papers, Washi papers are thin, durable and long-lasting. There are books of 1200 years ago that are made of Japanese Washi paper.

On the surface of Mino Washi paper, traditional Yuzen Patterns are expressed. They are patterns frequently used for Kimono, a traditional cloth of Japan. Mino Washi paper is made in Gifu, and it is embellished with multi-colored Yuzen Patterns in Kyoto.

Item size: 13.5cm x 0.8cm / 5.3in x 0.3in
Line color and size: Black 0.7mm
Refill: Cross type
Handmade in Japan