Hina Doll, Mitsuki Stand-up, Pair Dolls Set


This is high quality Hina dolls. Traditional stand-up style pair dolls (the emperor and the empress dolls) come in a acrylic case.

Stand-up style had been the majority of Kyoto style Hina dolls. Compared to Tokyo style sitting down style, you can enjoy floating Kimono dressing lines and gracious silhouette. The emperor and empress wear Kimono cloths of Japanese traditional official dress styling. Flowers and grass are designed by needlework on their Kimono, which gives gorgeous impression. Total tone is relatively simple, but its flowery design on backside screen gives nice mood of Spring season.

In case Hina doll is easy to case. It doesn’t get dirty by dust and is easy to care by wiping with dry cloth. Paper lanterns inside can be light up by power supply.

Dimensions (WDH): 48 x 29 x 43 cm / 18.9 x 11.4 x 16.9 inches

* Kimono cloths may have slightly different pattern compared to product images as they all are handmade. Same for hand-painted accessories and ornaments.

About Hina Dolls

Hina ningyou is a doll or a set of special dolls that is placed in each Japanese household during the Hina Matsuri season, which is officially held on March 3rd. These dolls are a sign of good luck and are displayed to wish for the well-being of young girls in one’s household.

The dolls are often arranged on a step-alter and comes in a glass box. On top of the step alter sits the Emperor and the Empress. Three court ladies sit one step below them, and five musicians at the very bottom. They are all wearing beautiful hand-made kimonos or costumes of their accord, delicately sawn and layered on perfectly.

In addition to the dolls, gorgeous accessories and ornaments decorate their surroundings, such as a branch of peach blossoms, freshly made rice cakes, and even hand-made miniature musical instruments of for the five musicians at the bottom.