Samurai Helmet, Kobu, Compact


Cool design Samurai helmet. This helmet display is relatively small and fit well into shelves; width is 38 cm / 15 inches.

The head ornament is hoe-shaped helmet crest. Dragon ornament is attached at the center of the crest.
On the wallpaper at backside of the helmet case, Dragon (a symbol of advancement and successful in the world) is drawn, which makes this item full impact.
Bow, sword, dram, fan and treasure made of resin is included with this item.

The helmet is designed with base colors of black and silver, which gives cool and elegant impression.
The helmet is in a durable hexagonal acrylic case. You can take is out from the case and display without it.
This product is all handmade by Japanese artisans.
Case dimensions: LWH = 38cm(15.0in.) x 30cm(11.8in.) x 43cm(16.9in.)

People in Japan display Samurai armours or Samurai helmets (those are called “Gogatsu Ningyo” or “Musha Ningyo” meaning Samurai warrior dolls) in their houses, wishing for the boys to grow to be strong and wise.