Toshu High-Speed Steel, Gyuto Chef Knife, Stainless 300mm/11.8in


Chef knives made by Toshu have all of five features that finest kitchen knives must have. Toshu makes knives using traditional Japanese swordsmiths’ techniques, “Hizukuri Forging” and “Edo-Togi grind”.

Toshu High-Speed Steel Knife Series is the finest stainless steel knives in Japan. This series is embodied the very best of Toshu's craftsmanship. 

It is true there are higher price knives than this series. However, Toshu High-Speed Steel knives are made after many processes which require much time and efforts. Therefore, these knives have outstanding cutting performance as well as all other features excellent knives should have.

What Makes Toshu High-Speed Steel Knives Completely Different From Others

1. Material (Powder High-Speed Steel) is special

High speed steel (HSS) generally displays higher hardness and more abrasion resistance. It can withstand higher temperatures without losing its hardness. This property allows HSS to cut faster than high carbon steel, hence the name high-speed steel.

Furthermore, HSS used for Toshu knives is not ordinal one. It is the Powder High-Speed Steel developed by Fujikoshi based on space technology.

2. Quenching process is made twice.

Compared to general knife making process which does only one quenching, Toshu HSS knives are done it twice. This realizes its blade more hard (Rockwell hardness over 65) as well as stronger metal stickiness.

3. Blade is structured in three layers

After making super hard core blade, the blade is put between for-cutlery stainless steels. This sandwitched three layer structure makes the blade as strong as Japanese swords for Samurai. As a result, razor sharp but hard to chip blade is achieved.

Therefore, it is a matter of course the Toshu HSS knives are razor sharp. So is long-lasting sharpness. In addition to professional chefs, cooking lovers choose this series.

* Toshu HSS Series knives are hardly get rust, but they might be rusted on the edge of the blade if you leave them in web condition for a long time.

Full lineup of Toshu High-Speed Steel knives

Japanese finest grade chef knife, toshu powder high-speed steel series, full lineup, dark background

Gyuto knife is the Japanese chef’s knife with a Western style curved blade so that it can smoothly move back and forth to chop meat quickly. This can also use for cutting fish and vegetables.
The Gyuto is the one of the most versatile knife best for all kinds of professional chefs.

Hizukuri Forging

This forging method is traditionally used for Japanese sword making since Samurai era. Heating material up to 1,000 degrees Celsius, craftsmen hammer the material repeatedly to make it hard and to form the shape of blade.

Edo-Togi Grind

This grinding method can be done by limited artisans because it requires high level skills. Each side of the blade is sharpen asymmetrically in this method; one side is sharpen almost vertical, whilst the other side is to form clam-like curving shape; and edge of the blade should be placed at the 3:7 position to the center. This technique gives tremendous advantages to the knives as described below.

Making Process of Toshu Chef Knives

Making knives with these traditional techniques by hands requires high level skills and takes longer time than making by machines. However, every step of the making process has important meaning and effects which has been elaborated by past artisans. Thanks to the complicated 60 steps by experienced craftsmen, Toshu knives has all of five features that finest kitchen knives must have. They are 1)hardness which affects cutting quality and makes hard to get chipped, 2)flexibility for good cutting quality, 3)abrasion resistance to keep cutting quality for longer time, 4)fatigue resistance which keeps cutting power for longer time, and 5)corrosion resistance. Once you use a Toshu knife, you’ll instantly feel the difference between our product and ordinary knives which are die cut from metal plate and mass-manufactured by machines.

In addition, Toshu knives prevent odors of the steel from spreading to foods, and fat of foods are hard to stick on the blades. Many professional chefs have used our knives regularly.
Furthermore, well-made knives are easy to be repaired. Sending back your knife to us, Toshu craftsmen are happy to repair and restore it as if it’s new. It is only possible for the handmade knives, therefore our knives can be used for many years to come.