Fusachika 1st Grade, Deba Fillet Knife, Steel 120mm/4.7in


Fusachika Professional Chef Knife Series is top grade Japanese chef knives made for professionals. Finest materials are processed by craftsmen 100% handmade in Japan. Their craftsmanship enables highest cutting performances and it lasts long.

Knives of Fusachika are made by the factory making Toshu knife series. The factory has highest technique called "Edo-togi" grind, which makes knife sharpest among Japanese knives. They applied their techniques to professional knives that are made mainly for professional chefs. Therefore, the knives have single edge which is the traditional style of Japanese chef knives and which cut better than double-edged knives.

Products of Fusachika Professional Chef Knife Series

Products of Fusachika Japanese professional knives

This fillet knife has blade length of 120mm/4.72in which is smallest size in this category. Having said so, it is enough to fillet any size of fish. And you can take this small size knife anywhere and handle easily in compact spaces. The fillet knife (it also called “Deba” knife among Japanese chefs) has thick and heavy blade so that it won’t be bent when applying big power to cut. Therefore, this type of knife is mainly used to cut and fillet whole fish. The heft of the Deba knife allows you to cut through the heads and bones of a fish, and its smaller pointed tip fillets the flesh from the bones. This knife can be used for meat as well.
Handle is made of a most popular wood material, Japanese Magnolia, with basic design and finished by genuine Water Buffalo horn at the end of blade side.

This knife belongs to 1st Grade Series, which is made of a white steel "Shirogami-I". Shirogami steel is one of the representative materials of the finest steels for chef knives. White steels have less impurities, and it is very sensitive to the conditions when processing. Therefore, good craftsman makes good knives, but ordinal craftsman can't process it to make good knives. Experienced craftsmen have finished this series of knives literally "1st grade". Knife types in this category are Sushi knives (Yanagiba) and Fillet knives (Deba).