Fusachika Honyaki, Yanagiba Sushi Knife 240mm/9.45in


Fusachika Professional Chef Knife Series is top grade Japanese chef knives made for professionals. Finest materials are processed by craftsmen 100% handmade in Japan. Among excellent Fusachika knife series, honyaki is the pinnacle of their knifemaking.

This knife belongs to Honyaki knife series of Fusachika artisan's knives. Honyaki knives are said to be the closest thing to the swords of ancient Japan. Made of a single, pure steel that is selected, forged, and hammered by only the most skilled artisans and entirely by hand, honyaki knives offer unmatched levels of hardness throughout the blade. Kasumi knives, which majority of Japanese chef knives belong to, are made by layered, mixed steel. Japanese authentic knife Honyaki, structure of blades   Sometimes referred to as ‘mono-steel,’ honyaki knives are crafted using only one type of steel throughout. Non-laminated, a unified, single steel piece comprises the core, face, and edge of the knife. Using only the best steel throughout the entirety of the blade, experienced artisans of Japan’s top knifemaking workshops are set to work making their most difficult and expensive knives. Thus, honyaki knives obtain hardest blade that allows for the thinnest, steepest angle edges resulting in the absolute sharpest cut possible. The material of the blade is VG-10, one of the top stainless steel materials for chef knives. This excellent material is made by Takefu Special Steels Co., Ltd. 1.5% of rare metal cobalt is added to general stainless steel materials for chef knives; by this the material becomes extremely hard (and expensive), therefore it results in finest cutting performance. Of course, the knife made of VG-10 is rustproof, in addition extremely sharp and long-lasting cutting ability. Handle is made of a most popular wood material, Japanese Magnolia, with basic design and finished by genuine Water Buffalo horn at the end of blade side. Fusachika series knives by Toshu, authentic Japanese chef knives

This Sushi knife has blade length of 240mm/9.45in which is a basic size of Sushi knives (or it’s called “Yanagiba” among Japanese chefs). This length is suitable for both professional and home uses.

  • Because of its complicated and difficult making proces, honyaki knives are basically build-to-order manufacturing. It may take up to two months for shipping. Please contact us if you’re in hurry. We’ll try to negotiate with the maker to get earlier delivery date.