Handmade Ballpoint Pen, Precious Wood Series, Black Persimmon


Precious Wood Series ballpoint pens are made of carefully selected precious woods. Precious woods are processed and made by hand to ballpoint pens.
Precious wood commonly has scarcity value, good smell and beautiful wood texture. You can feel nice smell of wood when you use it. In addition, precious wood “grows” as you use; its texture comes to have profound feeling by aging. These pens are also good for a gift.

Wood Material

Black persimmon

Features of the material

Black persimmon wood is one of the most rare and precious woods in the world. It is said that this wood brings you wealth and happiness. If you’re looking for a gift that brings wealth and happiness, then this is the one you should choose!
There is one black persimmon tree in ten thousand persimmon trees. Normal persimmon trees are useless due to small diameter and serious twists; the black persimmon tree, in comparison, has literally beautiful black stripes inside, although it cannot be distinguished from outside the tree. Because of its rarity, black persimmon wood is said to be the precious tree of the precious trees. The stripe pattern and aesthetic color become deeper and profound as you use by aging.

Item size: 12.5cm x 1.5cm / 4.9in x 0.6in
Line color and size: Black 0.7mm
Refill: Parker type
Handmade in Japan