Japanese Beautiful Woman Sakura, Painting of Hanging Scroll by Utagawa Ankosha

This color paint is made by Utagawa Ankosha. This item is the same sort of the one in the British Museum.
Preserved condition is excellent, and the print will be delivered in hanging scroll form.

  • Title: Japanese Beautiful Woman Sakura
  • Drawn by Utagawa Ankosha (original painting)
  • Genre: color painting
  • Made between 1850-1860
  • Almost same to the one in the British Museum
  • Delivered in hanging scroll form with wood box

For your reference, here is the image of similar painting held in the British Museum. (Link to their archive)
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Painting, hanging scroll. The kabuki actor Segawa Michinosuke I as Shizuka Gozen dressed for travel and standing beneath branches of cherry in full bloom; she holds a bundle tied around her shoulders and carries a large, flat, black lacquer hat and long walking-stick; her kimono decorated with a dazzling pattern of yellow blossoms scattered on stylised flowing water, and one sleeve shrugged off. Ink and colour on silk. Signed, sealed and inscribed.

The British Museum

the British museum
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