Samurai Armor, Yukimura Sanada, Compact


This Samurai Armor is replica of a popular Samurai warrior, Yukimura Sanada (1567-1615).

The head ornament (crest) is the six coins, which is the family crest of Sanada.
On the wallpaper at backside of the armor, Dragon (a symbol of advancement and successful in the world) and Tiger (a symbol of bravery) are drawn, wishing your kid grows up strong and tough.

This Samurai armor and helmet are designed with base colors of red and gold. Red was a popular color among Samurai Warriors because it represents combative spirit. Notable red colored armor must summoned up Samurai's combative spirit!
A set of Samurai swords replica, long and short (Katana and Wakizashi), made of resin is included to display in front of Samurai armor.

The armor is in a durable hexagonal acrylic case. You can take is out from the case and display without it.
This product is all handmade by Japanese artisans.
Case dimensions: LWH = 38cm(15.0in.) x 30cm(11.8in.) x 58cm(22.8in.)

People in Japan display Samurai armours or Samurai helmets (those are called “Gogatsu Ningyo” or “Musha Ningyo” meaning Samurai warrior dolls) in their houses, wishing for the boys to grow to be strong and wise.