Simple Decor Tack, Three Balls, Bronze 19mm


This type of simple tacks are mainly used for decoration purpose of pillars, roof, wall etc. Because these simple tack series are small and plain design, it is often used as an accent of simple wood box, shelf and other furniture.

This decoration tack has very traditional design often used in Japanese architecture. Using these type of traditional design tacks, you can add oriental taste even to simple wood box (see gallery image).

* The price is for one tack.

* This item is made of brass and has 3 colors: Iron Rust, Bronze and Aging Bronze. Please refer to color sample below to see color image.

* We have various sizes. Please refer to the dimension table below for detailed size.

* The item on this page is 19mm size “Bronze” color.

Feel free to?contact us?if you would like to purchase different color and/or size.

Price varies based on size. It ranges from $25 to $135. Please note that these prices are approximate as it changes by exchange rates; our prices are Japanese Yen base.
Please?contact us?for price and more information.