Wine Rack, Wajima Lacquerware, Feather-design Engravings


This sophisticated designed wine rack started to develop when a winery was born in Wajima city, where Wajima lacquerware has been produced.
Wine bottle will be seemed like floating in the air when you place the head of bottle into the hole of the rack. Balance of the rack is calculated to be able to hold a bottle and look nicely. Beautiful feathers drawn on its surface also give floating impression; this drawing is made by authentic gold-inlaid lacquerware technique. Craftsman scratches its surface by a chisel, followed by inlaying gold, silver and color powders into the scars. Base color is called “Tame-iro color”, which is purple tinged lacquer color. Please use it for welcoming special guests, in anniversaries, or before opening your special wines.

About Wajima Lacquerware, The Supreme Lacquerware in Japan

Through the skillful use of this local clay, Wajima lacquerware achieves its durable strength and beautiful appearance. The brilliant imagery created by its gold-decorated engravings, as well as dustings of gold and silver flecks, are a feature of Wajima lacquerware. The durability and the beauty of Wajima lacquerware are achieved by artisans trained in the local traditional method over 100 painstaking steps. The steps involve time-consuming tasks that are basically omitted in most of Japanese lacquerware. Wajima lacquerware, in comparison, have never allowed to omit any laborious and costly steps; their craftsmanship have insisted on the highest standard of lacquerware making, which built the brand value of Wajima lacquerware as the nation’s supreme lacquerware.

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