Buddha Statue, Asura, Palm-sized


This Buddha figurine is a model of the Palm-size Statue Series. Although their sizes are small (around 20cm / 8in height), details are elaborated as high quality as medium and large models.

Model of this supreme quality of Buddha statue is “Asura” which is designated a national treasure of Japan. The Asura Statue is known for its shape who has dainty youthful looking boy who has 3 faces and 6 arms. The torso and arms are very thin and tiny. Just like its original statue, his face has pious and sorrowful facial expressions. It’s beautiful facial expression and outstanding-proportion body are receiving excellent reviews as an art object.

Character of the Asura
Asura had been fighting for a long time against the god of Indra (Sakra devanam Indra) because he was killed his daughter. However, he became a Buddhist guardian after receiving a Buddha's sermon. Therefore, this Asura statue has quiet and serene expressions on its faces, although Asura in Indian mythology commonly has a face of the fierce anger. Three faces of the statue are different from each other; it is believed that direction on his faces are representing Asura's growth process of reaching to the state of enlightenment and becoming a believer.

18.0cm(H) x 11.0cm(W) x 6.1cm(D)
7.1 in(H) x 4.3 in(W) x 2.4 in(D)