Buddha Statue, Acala, Palm-sized


This Buddha figurine is a model of the Palm-size Statue Series. Although their sizes are small (around 20cm / 8in height), details are elaborated as high quality as medium and large models.

Model of this Buddha statue expressing extreme wrath is Acala, or Fudo Myo-oh in Japanese. Original statue is made by a master sculptor Kaikei in 1203, and is enshrined in Daigo-ji temple in Kyoto. Shape of this statue has relatively modest, not to magnificate facial and body expressions too much, which is a typical artistic expression of Kaikei. Although this product is small to fit onto your palm, stunning design of the original statue is well replicated.

Character of the Acala
In Japan, Acala or Fudo Myo-oh is highly venerated and an idol of worship, therefore they are enshrined in many temples and outdoor shrines. They are believed to relieve people who strayed from the right path to enlightenment by his extreme wrath. This is the reason why Acala has angry face. Generally, in Buddhist art, Acala holds a vajra sword on one hand which cuts off worldly desires, and holds lariat on the other hand which tie up wrongdoers.

17.5cm(H) x 8.3cm(W) x 7.0cm(D)
12.2 in(H) x 6.1 in(W) x 6.3 in(D)