Buddha Statue, Miroku, Palm-sized


This Buddha figurine is a model of the Palm-size Statue Series. Although their sizes are small (around 20cm / 8in height), details are elaborated as high quality as medium and large models.

Model of this statue is Miroku Buddha, which is the first sculpture designated a national treasure of Japan. Posture of being absorbed in meditation by putting right leg on left knee is called “Hanka Shiyui”. It is a representative posture of Miroku. In addition, their face with a faint smile is called “archaic smile”.
Despite this statue is made of poly-stone, it replicates wood texture just as original sculpture made of wood. Shades and aging color gradations of the original wood texture is also realized by complicated coloring process, by which you can enjoy warmth just like wood. It was extremely difficult to make it into 16cm small figurine, but artistry of artisans made it possible to completely replicate original sculpture.

Character of Miroku Buddha
Miroku Buddha is regarded as a future Buddha of this world in Buddhism. They are regarded to appear in 5.6 billion and 70 million years after Shaka Nyorai Buddha passes away. They had been to training for that long time in heaven until they appear in this world. Their posture called “Hanka Shiyui” is the posture for meditation to envision ways to redeem people.

16.0cm(H) x 7.8cm(W) x 10.0cm(D)
6.1 in(H) x 3.4 in(W) x 3.4 in(D)