Buddha Statue, Zaoh, 37.0cm/14.6in


Highest quality collections with realistic texture. All statues are reproducing national treasures of Japan’s Buddha statues.

Model of this Buddha is Zaoh Gongen, who is enshrined at Noirin-ji Temple in Nara, which is a work by Genkei, a member of the master sculptor Unkei clan. Though they stand on left foot, posture of the statue looks stable due to well balance of its shape. Burning flame on back side, their face express wrath with their three eyes widely open.
The product is made carefully not to impair the original statue’s strong and dynamic feelings. Coloring is made vividly by using gradation coating method for many parts, which gives profound feeling to the statue.

Character of Zaoh Gongen
Zaoh Gongen is worshiped as a symbolic icon of the syncretistic fusion of Shinto and Buddhism. Zaoh is a guardian of the mountains, and they have the virtue of three Buddhas: Shaka, Senju and Miroku which represents past, present and future, respectively.

37.0cm(H) x 18.0cm(W) x 13.5cm(D)
14.6 in(H) x 7.1 in(W) x 5.3 in(D)