Buddha Statue, Bishamon, 36.5cm/14.4in


Highest quality collections with realistic texture. All statues are reproducing national treasures of Japan’s Buddha statues.

Model of this warlike-looking Buddha statue is “Bishamon” (also called “Bishamonten”). Original statue is enshrined in Shizuoka, and is designated a national treasure of Japan. Vibrant shape of the statue is made in 1186 by a master sculptor Unkei.
To replicate texture and massive feeling of the original statue, painting process is repeated six times. And repetitive polishing and coating enabled to reproduce the feel of a long time aged statue.

Character of the Bishamon
Bishamon or Bishamonten is one of the Four Heavenly Kings and is considered an important figure in Japanese Buddhism. He is thought of as an armor-clad god of war or warriors, and a punisher of evildoers. Therefore, many Samurai warriors had deep faith in Bishamon.
Bishamon holds a spear in one hand and a small pagoda in the other hand, the latter representing a tower of Buddhism shrine and symbolizing the divine treasure house. It is considered that those towers of shrines contain much money, so people also believe Bishamon brings wealth to those believers.

36.5cm(H) x 19.5cm(W) x 14.5cm(D)
14.4 in(H) x 7.7 in(W) x 5.7 in(D)