Decor Bar Cap 45mm Iron Rust Color, 2pcs.


This type of decor plates are basically used for gates/doors of castles or samurai’s houses.

These items are handcrafted by experienced artisans using traditional design and technology. The plates are made of brass, so they are durable enough to keep its beauty for a long time. You can also enjoy aging of the material.

This item is to decorate a bolt bar of gates. Please see item gallery images for the Japanese style gate bars.
This item can be installed any rectangular lumber.

This item is for 2 caps?to install at both ends of a bar. You can use them separately. The price is for a pair of bar caps.

  • This item is IRON RUST color. If you’d like Bronze/Polish color, please contact us.
  • We also have different sizes: please refer to dimension table above for details. Please?contact us?for price and more information.