Brass Decor Tack, Chrysanthemum – Iron Rust Color, 30mm


This type of tacks are mainly used for decoration purpose of pillars, roof, wall etc.

This tack is called “boobs-type”, which is very traditional design used frequently in Japanese architecture. You can find it in many places especially on gates of houses or temples.
Using these type of traditional design tacks, you can add oriental taste even to simple wooden gates. Material doesn’t matter; it is used to metal doors in addition to wooden doors.

Originally, these tacks are used to hide nail heads by covering them, in addition to decorate gates. That’s why you can see many tacks put in a row on gates as you can see on gallery images.
Please refer to our post “How to make your exterior oriental?” if you’re interested in more examples.

The?chrysanthemum motif used for this product is known as the symbol of Japanese emperor, so you can add noble meaning by this item.

* The price is for one set of tack. It includes nail, large and small plates as shown on the image below.

* This item is made of brass-base and has two colors: bronze and iron rust. Please refer to color sample.

* We have various sizes. Please refer to the dimension table below for detailed sizes.

* The item on this page is 30mm “Iron Rust” color.

Feel free to?contact us?if you would like to purchase different color and/or size.

Price varies based on color and size. For reference, $60? for 30mm, $175 for 60mm, $460 for 105mm and $1,450 for 150mm. Please note that these prices are approximate as it changes by exchange rates; our prices are Japanese Yen base.
Please?contact us?for price and more information.