Shinobi Gayeshi 15 (60mm height)


Shinobi Gayeshi is a fence guard which is designed to install on a fence or a wall in order to avoid “Shinobi” (another word meaning Ninja) invading in your home.

Japanese castle, mansion, and samurai residences had installed Shinobi Gayeshi in the old era when Ninja often tried to spy their enemies.

Our Shinobi Gayeshi products are designed to image these era and match not only Japanese house but also any buildings. Decorate with this product, and you can add Samurai/Ninja taste!

The price is for one plate.

* This item is the one of 60mm height (H2210).

* Mounting screws are included in this item. See dimension tables for the details.

We have different height (40mm, H2200).?Contact us?if you want to purchase different height product.