[Stainless] Fusachika Special Grade, Yanagiba Sushi Knife 300mm/11.8in


Fusachika Professional Chef Knife Series is top grade Japanese chef knives made for professionals. Finest materials are processed by craftsmen 100% handmade in Japan. Their craftsmanship enables highest cutting performances and it lasts long.

Knives of Fusachika are made by the factory making Toshu knife series. The factory has highest technique called "Edo-togi" grind, which makes knife sharpest among Japanese knives. They applied their techniques to professional knives that are made mainly for professional chefs. Therefore, the knives have single edge which is the traditional style of Japanese chef knives and which cut better than double-edged knives.

Products of Fusachika Professional Chef Knife Series

Products of Fusachika Japanese professional knives

This Sushi knife has blade length of 300mm/11.81in which is relatively longer size of Sushi knives (or it’s called “Yanagiba” among Japanese chefs). This length is used by chefs who prefer longer blade or those who mainly cut large size fish/meat. This type of knives are specializing for a slicing of fish for sushi and sashimi. Its length and shape of the blade allows to slice through an ingredient with extremely a long stroke, which prevent cut ends of ingredients from being squashy due to multiple strokes. Handle is made of a most popular wood material, Japanese Magnolia, with basic design and finished by genuine Water Buffalo horn at the end of blade side.

This knife belongs to Special Grade Stainless Series, which is made of stainless steel material "Gingami-III". It is the finest material for chef knives which are used by professional chefs of Japanese cuisine in Japan. Knives made by Gingami-III material are forged by a special process, which make them extremely hard (therefore extremely sharp) and sticky enough to avoid chip in blade. These knives also have long lasting cutting performance, and hardly get rust. Knife types in this series are Sushi knives (Yanagiba) and Fillet knives (Deba).