Samurai Helmet, Ieyasu Tokugawa – Sekiryu, Compact


This Samurai Helmet is replica of one of the greatest Samurai warrior, Ieyasu Tokugawa (1543-1616).

Ieyasu Tokugawa is the founder of the Tokugawa clan. He is known in contemporary times as one of the three unifiers of Japan, preceded by Nobunaga Oda and Hideyoshi Toyotomi. He is best known for establishing the Tokugawa shogunate, the last military regime of its kind in Japanese history.

The head ornament (crest) is the combination of a fern leafe, lion and the family crest of Tokugawa. The family crest is also decorated on side skirts (called “Fukikaeshi”) with gorgeous decoration.
On the wallpaper at backside of the helmet case, Dragon (a symbol of advancement and successful) is drawn.
Powerful design of this Samurai helmet is suitable for the greatest samurai warrior like Ieyasu.

The helmet is designed with base colors of black and gold, which gives brilliant taste.
The helmet is in a durable hexagonal acrylic case. You can take is out from the case and display without it.
Bow and sword made of resin is included with this item.
This product is all handmade by Japanese artisans.
Case dimensions: LWH = 38cm(15.0in.) x 30cm(11.8in.) x 37cm(14.6in.)

People in Japan display Samurai armours or Samurai helmets (those are called “Gogatsu Ningyo” or “Musha Ningyo” meaning Samurai warrior dolls) in their houses, wishing for the boys to grow to be strong and wise.