Shiro Kanagu and other products in Ninja Kanagu category are made by experienced artisans with traditional skills of handling metals.

In this post, we will introduce the making process of the brass plates which are mainly used in entrance gates of buildings. With this plates, even a simple wood gates will have traditional oriental mood as if the gates have been made centuries ago.

Making Process

Step 1

making ninja hardware, pouring metal

Pour melted material in the mold. Put weights on the mold to give it pressure.

Step 2

making ninja hardware, taking mold

Take the mold out before the material become completely cooled and solidified

Step 3

making ninja hardware, cutting plate

Cut the plate out from the mold and remove sediments.

Step 4

making ninja hardware,, cooling down plates

Move the cooled plates to work space for hand-finishing.

Step 5

making ninja hardware, polishing and adjusting

Polish and adjust the plate by hand, which gives moderate uneven taste and makes each product unique.

Step 6

making ninja hardware, installing additional parts

Install parts and make final finishing, followed by quality check.

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