The Treasure of Transparent and Brilliant Red – Wakasa Agate Craft

Wakasa Agate Craft, a Japanese craft, a Sake cup with agate saucer

Wakasa Agate Craft, a Japanese craft, clear Sake cup
Wakasa Agate Craft, a Japanese craft, raw material stones

Agate, or ‘menou’ in Japanese, is a bright red jewelry that resembles a burning fire with a transparent quality. It is one of the Buddhist concept of ‘shichihou (seven treasures)’ along with jewels such as gold, silver, and lapis lazuli.

Agate- Beauty of transparency

Agate is naturally a fine stone with stipe patterns, but its real beauty is in the transparency and sleek texture that appears under the light after painstaking polishing.

Wakasa Agate Craft, a Japanese craft, beautiful cups

The half-transparent red comes from the process in the making of agate craft which involved heating up of the stone. This is a technique that was developed by Kihe Takayama during the Edo era, when he saw an agate placed nearby the fire by coincidence. After the founding of this technique, agate became a popular stone for decorations and accessories. The more elaborate techniques of sculptures and crafts were developed during the 19th century, which continues to be practiced today.

Wakasa Agate Craft, a Japanese craft, rabbit

The four and only crafts people of Wakasa agate craft – ‘Sousuke Workshop’

Regardless of its official recognition as Japanese traditional crafts 50 years ago, there are only four crafts people who still continues to make Wakasa agate craft today. One of the workshops owned by the crafts people is the ‘Sousuke Workshop’, which still continues to make agate craft using traditional techniques.

Wakasa Agate Craft, a Japanese craft, half-transparent cup

This is a cup made from agate. Not to mention the beauty created by its transparency, but its delicate texture is something you cannot experience elsewhere. You’d be surprised by its pleasant smoothness once it touches your lips.

This workshop also produces other agate crafts which emits a beauty that cannot be found anywhere else.

Wakasa Agate Craft, a Japanese craft, Sake cup with saucer
Wakasa Agate Craft, a Japanese craft, accessory products
Wakasa Agate Craft, a Japanese craft, a Sake cup with agate saucer
Wakasa Agate Craft, a Japanese craft, leaf-shape object

You can check out these photos and products on their Facebook or Instagram page.

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