Cherry Blossom Forecast 2018 Spring

It became warm this week.
It’s time for cherry blossoms wake up! Not only for tourists from outside Japan, blooming of cherry blossoms interests Japanese people as well.
In Japan, the Meteorological Agency and some other companies publish cherry blossoms forecasts.

Cherry Blossoms Forecast 2018

Weather news say it opens a bit earlier in 2018, compared to the average year.

cherry blossoms blooming forecast of Japan in 2018

The map shows the forecast of flowering date in each major city of Japan.
A bit earlier than the average year, the forecast date when cherry blossoms opens is:

  • Kumamoto Castle in Kumamoto Pref. (Southern part of Japan, Kyushu) – March 17
  • Kochi Park in Kochi Pref. (Southern part of Japan, Shikoku) – March 17
  • Osaka Pref. (West part of Japan, Kansai) – March 23
  • Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto Pref. (West part of Japan, Kansai) – March 23
  • Kanazawa Pref. (North-western part of Japan, Hokuriku) – March 30
  • Nagoya Pref. (Center part of Japan) – March 18
  • Ueno Park in Tokyo (East part of Japan, Kanto) – March 19
  • Hirosaki Park in Aomori Pref. (Northern part of Japan, Hokuriku) – April 19
  • Sapporo in Hokkaido Pref. (Northern part of Japan, Hokkaido) – May 1

(Listed from south-west to north-east part of Japan)

It is also anticipated that full-blooming of cherry blossoms is approximately 7-10 days after flowering date.
Blooming period is greatly affected by climate (it sometimes ends suddenly by raining after full-bloom..), but you can enjoy blooming for a week or so after full-bloom.
sakura cherry bloosom of Japan

Flowers open a bit earlier due to severe cold weather in this Winter

Because it was severely cold in this Winter, “dormancy breaking” happens and buds of cherry blossoms grew rapidly. In March, we had consecutive warm days over 20 degrees Celsius (68F), which made buds grew earlier than usual.
According to the weather forecast, sunny warm days continues and buds also continues to grow. Therefore, flowering date of cherry blossoms are anticipated to be “earlier” in West Japan and “a bit early” in East Japan compared to the average year.

In earliest area, some cherry blossoms opens in this weekend. Trees growing where getting a lot of sun and less breeze, they tend to open earlier compared to surrounding trees.
Actually, a tree close to my home in West Japan has already opened!

cherry blossoms already open in my area

Enjoy one of the best season of Japan!

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