Can you say the difference between “Ninja” and “Samurai”?

Are they “Samurai” or “Ninja” ?

question samrai or ninja

They are “Ninja”.

Samurai is a combat specialist. (especially hand-to-hand combat)
They use Japanese swords, spears, bows and arrows.
They had participated wars as warriors in the old era.

On the other hands, Ninja is a spy.
They are not a combat specialist.
They may have fighting skills, but they also have expertise in information tactics, sabotage and assassination.
They may be professional experts in disguise, acting, pharmacy, martial arts etc.

The picture above are Ninja because…
– they wear black clothes to take covert action
– they hide their faces to hide personalities
– they wear special-soled socks to sneak

Ninja had(have?) been active behind the scenes.
Ninja have never disclosed their identities.
Therefore, some famous historic person are assumed to be a Ninja… might be a myth;)

We call our traditional architectural hardware “Ninja Kanagu”
because it may not play leading role in architecture,
but they add spice quietly to sharpen architectural design.
(“Kanagu” means hardware)

At last, I also add an image of “Samurai”.

samurais fighting with swords

They are apparently different as you see, aren’t they.

Have a nice day!

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