The Most Gorgeous Decorated Drawers – Japanese Iwayado Chest

Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, opening drawers of a product example

Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, interior example in Japanese room (Image:
Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, example of gorgeous dresser product (Image:
Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, installed example in Japanese room (Image:

The Iwayado Clothing Chest is a traditional Japanese antique dresser.

One of the distinctive point of Iwayado chest is metal fittings. Normally, there are 60 to 100 pieces of metal fittings decorated in one chest.  Brilliantly relieved picture patterns are combined with crystal clear dignity and bring profound feelings.

Additionally, brilliantly decorated lacquer painting is one of special features. Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, metal fitting decoration on beautiful lacquer woodThere is saying that making wood material is soul of chest. From this reason, even now, craftsman do all the processes by himself alone including cutting and preparing woods and make chest. Lacquers are painted layer by layer with great cares and then beauty of grains is emphasized by it. It has not only very beautiful appearance, but also it is extremely durable.

Wood materials, which are used in Iwayado chest, has complex procedures before making into chest. Logs are cut down and they left for drying over several years. After that, sawed lumbers are piled up and exposed into natural wind. Then, after dried enough for years and months, now it is ready to use it for making chest. You can use Iwayado chest for several hundreds of years with care because it has been made carefully and elaborately using very strong materials. Solid paulownia wood has been used in inside of the chest because paulownia wood is beautiful wood grain and has character without madness.

In this article, let’s introduce Iwayado chest, one of traditional craft item, which you can buy now.

“Iwayado chest of drawers” – Low chest wood texture painting with Nambu ironwork fittings

Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, product example
Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, details of a product example, metal decoration details
Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, opening drawers of a product example

Price  616,000 JPY (approx. $5,500)

  • Dimensions: WDH = 1200 x 450 x 600 mm
  • Drawer depth: 380 mm
  • Materials: Paulownia tree
  • Lacquer painting: Wood appliance painting
  • Metal fittings: Nanbu ironware fittings
  • Painting: Wood application painting

Iwayado chest – Arranging drawer

Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, another product example
Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, locking system with key of a product example drawer
Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, making process by a craftsman
(Images: Takashimaya Online)

Price  200,000 JPY (approx. $1,850)

  • Dimensions: WDH = 850 x 410 x 850 mm
  • Weight: 40kg / 90lb.
  • Materials: Plywood of natural trees (Zelkova tree)
  • Drawer inner material: Natural tree (Paulownia)
  • Lacquer painting: Wiped lacquer
  • Metal fittings: Nanbu ironware

Iwayado chest – Wide sideboard with wooden lacquer and hammering fittings

Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, most gorgeous product example
Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, detailed metal decor plate of the most gorgeous product example
Japanese Iwayado Clothing Chest, decoration details of product example

Price  2,240,000 JPY (approx. $20,000)

  • Dimensions: WDH = 1680 x 440 x 1000 mm
  • Materials: Zelkova tree, Paulownia tree
  • Lacquer painting: Wood appliance painting
  • Metal fittings: Hammering metal

In Conclusion

This is a furniture to feel real Japanese tradition in the house. It is very elegant and beauty, you can have it for long time. Because of its toughness and beauty, it is possible to use for generations. It is very natural so it never loses its unique fashion at your home. So, it can be very important inheritance in your family generation tree. One very fascinating thing about this special Iwayado chest of drawer is that only one craftsman creates from the wood material preparing to painting finish all the processes. That makes chest is so precious for everyone including craftsman and owner.

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